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Foreign Affairs-Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs-Foreign Policy is the U.S. government’s flagship website for making U.S. foreign assistance data available to the public. It serves as the central resource for budgetary and financial data produced by U.S. government agencies that manage foreign assistance portfolios. In keeping with the U.S. government’s commitment to transparency, presents a picture of U.S. foreign assistance in accurate and understandable terms. The website also includes links to associated strategies and evaluations for U.S. foreign assistance programs. This site will be continually updated as data are available.  Look for new features and enhancements as they come online.

The primary objective of the site is to fulfill the requirements set forth in the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act of 2016 (FATAA) through the collection, tracking, and publication of the full lifecycle of all USG foreign assistance data. shows the multi-dimensional picture of U.S. foreign assistance through a highly visual and interactive website. The website makes it easy for all users to find and retrieve the data they need. It brings together a wide range of foreign assistance data produced by U.S. government agencies that manage foreign assistance portfolios. For the casual user, there are interactive maps and graphics that clearly lay out the details of foreign assistance, allowing users to explore foreign assistance data across countries, sectors, and over time. More advanced users can quickly download their desired data using our data query tools, by selecting from a choice of prepared files, or by connecting to the API.


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