Filibuster-Abolish The Filibuster

We need to do away with the Filibuster so you need to make sure your Representative support eliminating the Filibuster before you vote.

When most people think of a filibuster, they imagine a senator standing up and talking for hours on end to block a bill. While it used to work that way, you might be surprised to learn that today’s filibuster looks nothing like that.

A filibuster can refer to any tactic a senator uses to extend debate on a bill and block it from being passed.

More specifically, in the U.S. Senate today, a filibuster allows a minority of senators (or even one senator) to extend a debate as long as they want. This is typically done to delay action on a piece of legislation they oppose. Debate could theoretically go on forever, blocking a final vote indefinitely. (But this isn’t how it used to be — more on that below.)

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