November 5, 2021 – California 17th District House Representative Ro Khanna – Democratic Congressman Challenged on TYT About Build Back Better Fails

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Cenk Uygur-Ro Khanna-1366H x728W2


Representative of California’s 17th Congressional District Ro Khanna joins Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks to discuss the progress on the infrastructure and reconciliation bills.


Original Post Date: November 5, 2021

Post Date to this Site: November 6, 2021

Host(s): Ro Khanna and Cenk Uygur

Source: The Young Turks  (TYT)

“House Democrats are now planning to vote Friday on their long-sought social spending package as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill as they rush to deliver on President Biden’s agenda after disappointing state election results earlier this week. The House Rules Committee met late Thursday night to advance the final text of the social spending legislation.”


California 17th House Representative Ro Khanna (D) Contact Information

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