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Technology and Communications-City Communication
Technology and Communications-City Communication

Technology and Communications

Should the US government use technology to engage its citizens?
However, many believe that the U.S. government must go beyond efficiency and user-friendliness. The U.S. Government needs to do a lot more to use technology to engage its citizens, because we, as society, have the right to keep an open channel of communication.
What are the key technology trends in government?
Key technology trends in government include the use of digital twins, ethical technology and trust, and human-centered design.
How should government agencies use technology to meet their mission?
As government agencies plan how to meet their missions, they should investigate technologies that can monitor adherence to strategy, scan for pre-determined disruptions, and generate additional strategic ideas. Moreover, leaders should work to better align technology implementation choices to mission strategies.
What is the role of government in promoting and promoting technology?
Government plays a critical role as the consumer of and sponsor of innovative technology. Internally sensing future changes is important for keeping up with the pace of change. Sponsoring new technologies, whether by research grants, dedicated groups like DARPA, or creative contracting, supports technological innovation.


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