Steve Schmidt explains how Ron DeSantis’s book banning leads to American fascism | The Warning

Steve Schmidt American Political Strategist
Steve Schmidt American Political Strategist

In light of Ron DeSantis’s move to create censorship laws and ban books in Florida, Steve Schmidt discusses the return of Nazi ideology in America. In an effort to gain MAGA Republican voters, DeSantis is using a political strategy that employs poisonous theatrics, namely banning books, including books discussing the horrors of the Holocaust. Steve discusses the importance of knowing history so that it cannot be repeated and how the Florida governor’s censorship efforts support a political climate that mainstreams the hate and extremism of Nazi-affiliated groups such as the Patriot Front and the Proud Boys.

Original Post Date: May 16, 2023

Post Date to this Site:  May 16, 2023

Host(s):  Steve Schmidt

Source:  The Warning with Steve Schmidt

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