Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) Republican’s Ultra-MAGA Plan Exposed With Brian Tyler Cohen | The Class Room

Florida Senator Rick Scott
Florida Senator Rick Scott

Mitch McConnell has famously been silent when asked what their plan is, even insisting that they won’t say anything until after they take back the Senate. But, we know exactly what Republicans would do in power. Senator Rick Scott released the whole thing online: The 11 Point Plan to Rescue America. Scott isn’t just any random Senator; he’s the Republican in charge of retaking the Senate. Mitch McConnell is not happy with Scott releasing his plan. But, Scott’s plan didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s backed by the Heritage Foundation, the most powerful think tank on the right, which hosted him for a speech rolling out the plan. We took a deep dive into Scott’s 11 points and found out there is a conservative governing plan: a plan to enrich corporations and the ultrawealthy at the cost of working people. And while Mitch McConnell claims that Scott’s proposal isn’t the Republican agenda – but we’ve got the receipts. Republicans have been pushing similar dangerous policies for decades. But the reality is that Rick Scott’s biggest mistake was saying the quiet part out loud. His proposal is the Republican ideology.


Original Post Date:  May 9, 2022

Post Date to this Site:  May 16, 2022

Host(s): Brian Tyler Cohen

Source:  Brian Tyler Cohen



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