Family Values

Family Values-Republican Family Values
Family Values-Republican Family Values


The Republican Party runs their platform on Family Values but they are far from having Family Values.   The Trump Family has no values at all.  The Republican Part has lost all of their values and has turned into a Cult.

Family Values-Hororing Them Dummy

Family Values Definition

Several well-known online dictionaries define “family values” as the following:

  • “the moral and ethical principles traditionally upheld and passed on within a family, as fidelity, honesty, truth, and faith.”[3]
  • “values especially of a traditional or conservative kind which are held to promote the sound functioning of the family and to strengthen the fabric of society.”[4]
  • “values held to be traditionally taught or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline.”[5]

In politics

Familialism or familism is the ideology that puts priority on family and family values.[6] Familialism advocates for a welfare system where families, rather than the government, take responsibility for the care of their members.[6]

In the United States, the banner of family values has been used by social conservatives to express opposition to abortion, feminism, pornography, comprehensive sex education, divorce, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, civil unions, secularism, and atheism.[7] American conservative groups have made inroads promoting these policies in Africa since the early 2000s, describing them as African family values.[8]


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