Energy-Department Of Energy
Energy-Department Of Energy


Energy-Wind and Solar Power

The Fossil Fuel Energy in the world is destroying  our planet.  We are trying to switch to Clean Energy but there is a major problem with the Republican Party does not believe or is still profiting from the Coal Companies and flat out don’t care about the planet.  Remember that there is no alternate Planet.  This Representative is the most important decision when you are choosing a Representative.  They must support our planet by supporting “The Green New Deal”.  The support of saving our planet also means do not support Corporate Democrats or any Republicans.  They are all against saving the planet.

There is no greater challenge facing our nation and our planet than the climate crisis. That’s why President Biden has laid out the boldest climate agenda in our nation’s history—one that will spur an equitable clean energy economy and cement America on a path to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


DOE’s Role (Department of Energy)

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DOE has long been the nation’s powerhouse for scientific and innovative solutions to the challenges we face, including the climate emergency. Our program offices and 17 National Laboratories are working every single day to research, develop, and deploy the clean energy technologies of the future, including battery storage, renewable power, electric vehicles, carbon capture, and resilient grid infrastructure. DOE will also use its expansive loan authority to invest in American companies at the cutting edge of clean energy technology and manufacturing, and its regulatory authority to innovate in advanced building technologies, energy efficient appliances, and more.

DOE will also coordinate across the federal government to deliver on the Administration’s climate priorities— procuring carbon pollution-free electricity and leveraging DOE’s unparalleled scientific strength to put forth the best available research and science to combat the climate crisis.


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