Color of Change Event

Friday September 10th PST Color Of Change Event
Friday September 10th PST Color Of Change Event

We only have a few more days to push Congress members to sign on to the call for Biden to grant clemency!

You can turn up the pressure by taking part in Color Of Change’s call-in day of action this Friday, September 10th at 1pmEST.

RSVP for our call-in day of action!

Over 100,000 Color Of Change members like yourself have already taken steps to advocate for the 4,000 people on home confinement.

Together, we can push Biden to grant them clemency and protect thousands of people from being sent back to prison.

Let’s make our voices so loud that they can’t ignore us. 

RSVP to our call-in day of action to urge your Congressperson to sign on to the demand for clemency today.

Add your voice to the call for clemency 

We have been working hard to move Biden toward granting clemency over the past few months, and are making great progress.

In fact, the Administration has signaled willingness to grant clemency for non-violent drug offenders on home confinement.

But Ronald, ALL of the individuals on home confinement need clemency now. Everyone in the program was already rigorously vetted by the Bureau of Prisons in order to be on home confinement in the first place. And almost everyone released has since been thriving at home by reconnecting with their friends, families, and communities, and engaging in civic and professional life.

We can’t let Biden pick and choose who deserves to be at home with their families and who deserves to be locked up in a cage based on historically racist criteria. 

If Biden is going to make a meaningful impact towards ending racialized mass incarceration, he needs to grant clemency to the 4,000+ people living on home confinement today.

RSVP to make your voice heard

Congress is currently out of D.C. and in YOUR district. And the sign-on letter closes on September 13th.

That’s why this is the perfect opportunity to reach your Congressperson and let them know that the people they represent care about this issue.

 we need clemency now!

Until Justice is Real,

Scott, Erika, Rashad, Arisha, Malachi, Megan, Ernie, Palika, Ariel, Madison, Trevor, Erick, Ana, Kristiana, McKayla and the Color Of Change team


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