Candidates-Democratic Presidential Debate
Candidates-Democratic Presidential Debate

Candidate-Voting Booths

Representatives Taking Corporate PAC Money

If a candidate takes Corporate PAC Money then that person will not work for you.  He/she will work for their donors which means that they are already corrupt.  Do not support them.  Representatives or Candidates supported by Corporate PAC Money do not really work for you.  If you want change from your representative get one that does not take Corporate PAC Money.  That way they do not have to abide by Corrupt Corporate Leaders.

1,452 congressional candidates have declared for 2022

Here’s what’s in store for you as you start your day:

  1. The race for Congress in 2022 is just getting started—here’s how many candidates have declared so far
  2. Virginia becomes the third state with a split legislature
  3. Republicans win a mayoral office in South Carolina

Candidates running for Congress in 2022—an early look at the numbers

If you can believe it, the 2022 congressional midterm elections are less than one year away—and the races are already getting crowded! So far, Ballotpedia has tracked 1,452 candidates who have filed to run. Of those, 745 of those candidates are Republicans and while 576 are Democrats. There are 20 declared Libertarian candidates, and the remaining are Green Party, independents, or other parties.

Here are the states with the most declared congressional candidates:

  1. California (141)
  2. Florida (139)
  3. Texas (123)
  4. North Carolina (84)
  5. New York (70)

Here are the states with the fewest declared congressional candidates:

  1. Delaware, Vermont (one each)
  2. Hawaii, Louisiana, North Dakota, Rhode Island (two each)
  3. Maine (four)
  4. Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island (five each)
  5. Kansas (six)

In 2022, all 435 House members and 34 Senators are up for election. Democrats currently control both the House and Senate.

In the House, the Democrats have a 221-213 advantage with one vacancy. In the Senate, there are 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and two independents who caucus with Democrats. As Senate President, Vice President Kamala Harris (D) can vote to break ties.

As of Nov. 19, six Senators and 26 House members have announced they are not seeking re-election in 2022.

If you missed our preview a few days ago of the nascent 2022 U.S. Senate battleground races, you can find that here.

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