Women's Rights-Women's Rights Are Human Rights

Women’s Rights

January 25, 2022 Guest Writer 0

  Women’s rights are the rights and entitlements claimed for women and girls worldwide. They formed the basis for the women’s rights movement in the […]

Stem Cell Research-Stem Cell Possibilities

Stem Cell Research

January 22, 2022 Guest Writer 0

NIH – National institutes of Health Stem Cell Basics I. Introduction: What are stem cells, and why are they important? Stem cells have the remarkable […]

Reproductive Health Care-Planned Parenthood

Reproductive Health Care

January 22, 2022 Guest Writer 0

CDC-Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC’s Division of Reproductive Health is the focal point for issues related to reproductive health, maternal health, and infant […]

Medicare For All-Love - It Improve It - Medicare For All

Medicare For All

January 19, 2022 Guest Writer 0

Health Care as a Human Right – Medicare For All We say to the private health insurance companies: whether you like it or not, the […]

Medical Debt-Medical Bills

Medical Debt

January 19, 2022 Guest Writer 0

Medical Debt Medical debt refers to debt incurred by individuals due to health care costs and related expenses. Medical debt is different from other forms […]

Health Care Insurance-Health Care Insurance

Health Care

January 14, 2022 Guest Writer 0

Here is where Medicare For All is much better for you but your representative needs to support it.  This not free as the Health Care […]

Disability-Department of Veterans Affairs


January 11, 2022 Guest Writer 0

Your Representative should support any and all that helps people with Disabilities.   This is just the right thing to do.  The Republicans have been trying […]